Nano-Care wins the German Innovation Award 2019

The company Nano-Care

As a spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM) in Saarbrücken, we create invisible high-performance coatings with our expertise in nanotechnology, bionics and process engineering. Our claim is high: With intelligent products we want to achieve a competitive edge for your company.

About us

We combine the highest requirements for quality with the latest technology standards, while maintaining the flexibility and speed of a medium-sized company.

By combining innovative materials with proven basic technologies, we create intelligent hybrid systems (INTELLIGENT HYBRIDS®) that set new benchmarks in your markets.

We accompany you on your way as a producer of surface coatings, as a distributor of chemicals or as a user of high-tech surface finishes. Companies and consumers in over 70 countries are already benefiting from the advantages of our multifunctional products.

Intelligent hybrids®
Superior performance inside

“Anything that is against nature will not endure in the long run.”
Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882), English naturalist

Intelligent Hybrids is a global brand program of nano-Care.

With a continuous focus on sustainability, innovation and cooperation, nano-Care supports producers of surface coatings, chemical distributors or users of high-tech surface finishes with technical expertise and support. INTELLIGENT HYBRIDS stands for:

  • he highest stage in the evolution of surface technology>/li>
  • Development and production in Germany
  • Intelligent intersection of sustainable technologies
  • Optimized ecological properties and CO2 balance

Chemical products labeled with INTELLIGENT HYBRIDS® create trust and give customers peace of mind. For example, each sales unit of a precursor or end product supplied as an intelligent hybrid is given an individual code. This allows it to be tracked seamlessly through the value chain.


Our Team

The Nano-Care Deutschland AG is one of the leading international specialists in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings and their precursors.

For our product “Liquid Quard” with antimicrobial coating against MRSA infections, we won the German Innovation Award in 2019.


“Only a fool does not make experiments”.
Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882), English naturalist

Every substance, every living being and every technology has its strengths and weaknesses. Only through hybridization does nature succeed in creating better life forms in the course of evolution.

The experts at Nano-Care are transferring this method, which has been tried and tested for almost 3.5 billion years, to the field of chemistry and materials science.

INTELLIGENT HYBRIDS® draw on precisely those disciplines or technologies that are needed for a specific problem. As in evolution, we take care during development to ensure that the result contains as many strengths as possible and as few weaknesses as possible in the starting products or precursors. The result is high-performance coatings and care products whose performance is second to none.

Our competencies in
Materials engineering and materials science
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
we use to create
Si-C-N ceramics
Si-O2 hybrids (amorphous)
Si-C-F compounds
[RSiO3/2]n – Hybrids (polyoctahedral silsesquioxanes (“POSS”))
Micro- and nano-waxes
so that materials can successfully meet the following standards (excerpt)
EN ISO 13034: 2009
EN ISO 14325: 2004
EN ISO 14605: 2005
EN ISO 343: 2010
EN ISO 342: 2004
EN EN 14058: 2004
DIN EN 1504-2:2015
ISO 20645
DIN EN ISO 20743
ISO 22196
DIN EN 14119
ISO 4920
ISO 9865:1991
VO EG No. 1935/2004
VO EG No. 10/2011
Okötex 100
ISO 11507 A
ISO 11998
ASTM E2149-01
ISO 20743:2013

Your advantages with Nano-Care


Protection from dirt

Our products keep natural stones and concrete free of moss, bacteria and dirt. Precious metals are also protected from corrosion and graffiti. Fingerprints on textured glass or stainless steel disappear completely.

Environmentally friendly and germ-free

We ensure that surfaces remain permanently germ-free. Textiles remain permanently free of bad odors. Outdated C8 fluorocarbon systems can be replaced by more environmentally friendly technologies without any loss of performance.

Water resistant

Textiles become oil, grease and water repellent. Microorganisms do not adhere to surfaces. Thanks to our products, glass and plastics no longer mist up and surfaces are given new functions without visual or haptic impairment.

Frequently asked questions about the Nano-Care Deutschland AG

What does Nano-Care offer its customers?
Whether for textiles, in the automotive industry, in kitchens or much more. Nano-Care offers protection solutions ideally tailored to your needs using the latest technologies. Vary between waterproofing and sealing and get professional advice from our experts.
Why Nano-Care?
With Nano-Care you have a partner with a lot of experience. Already in more than 70 countries we could convince customers of our products and our KnowHow. We are especially proud of Liquid Guard, a permanent antimicrobial coating. Self-disinfecting, it is not only a very hygienic, but also practical solution. Therefore, we have already received the German Innovation Award for this innovation in 2019.

Connect with us

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    Awards and certificates by


    During development and production, we go to great lengths to determine the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of selected products. LCA is the global standard for assessing the total environmental impact of a final product and takes into account all ecological aspects of a product including resource and energy consumption, emissions to air, water and soil, and the impact on health and ecosystems. LCA is widely used in industry, by governments and non-governmental organizations. We make these studies available to our customers upon completion. Because only transparency creates sustainability and trust.

    Product safety plays a special role in our company. A wide range of measures and in-house standards, which regularly go beyond legal requirements and customer demands, ensure the quality and safety of our products.

    We also work closely with renowned independent testing institutes, institutes and laboratories to ensure maximum product safety.

    Our main building

    Our company has been one of the leading international specialists in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings and their precursors for many years.
    Our main site is located in Saarwellingen in the Saarland. Here you can find some insights to our main building.